Why Do I Need A Website?

Why Do I Need A Website?

by The Mobile Vine

Many business owners wonder why they should have a website at all these days.  After all, Facebook Business Pages and a presence on other Social Media platforms offer a way to provide information about your company to fans, friends, and followers, so it’s easy to question whether a business website is even needed. Of course, maintaining a business website involve an investment of money and time, but the advantages outweigh any possible negatives.  Let’s explore all the reasons why having a business site is so important.


Your Customers Are In The Habit of Doing Research

With billions of websites online, potential customers expect that your business will have one too.  Now more than ever before, people rely on the Internet to conduct research on the companies they’re thinking about patronizing. If they look for your firm online and can’t find your official URL, you’re placing a roadblock in your way for more business. Even a simple web presence is better than no presence at all. If you’re really serious about doing business online, you need a site that represents your company professionally. It’s your chance to convey your marketing message to current and future customers.


Your Website Helps You Tell Your Story

Everyone has a story, including your business.  Your site is a vessel to tell your story to your visitors. Your web presence gives you a way to tell that story in the most compelling manner by including text, images, and videos that tell the public more about why your business exists.  Business owners with a real passion for service can demonstrate your dedication on your platform. You will most assuredly pick up new business.


Your Web Presence Gives You A Location Online

Establishing a new website gives you the advantage of creating a centralized destination for all of your online efforts.  You’ll still want a Facebook and Twitter account. You have to go where the people are. Having a website that serves as a reference point for your business allows you to refer people back to information that’s important quickly.  Twitter only allows updates of 140 characters.  If you need to go further than this limitation, Tweeting a link back to a well-crafted web page on your site has more impact. Social networks are fast-paced environments where you don’t always get a chance to go into detail. Referring to web pages on your website that answer specific questions is an effective way to continue the conversation on your business platform.


Owning your own site makes it simple for existing or prospective clients to contact you. For best results, be sure to display your phone number, email prominently. Additionally, using a web-based contact form is highly recommended. Driving traffic to your site is a good way to build a traditional ‘sales funnel.’ People who visit your site are one step closer to becoming clients. By offering them multiple ways to get in touch with you, and the chances are good that you’ll start picking up new business from around the web.


If you would like to learn more about website design services to help grow your business, we would love to help! Contact us today for more information!

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