What Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App?

by The Mobile Vine

build-an-appWell…that depends on who’s building it. When you use the other guys, a ton. With our Small Business Apps, much, much, much LESS!

Seriously! ok fine I’ll prove it.


The Cost of Custom App Development*

Until recently 100% custom app development wasa the only option for creating an app and the process would go something like this.  You decide you business can benefit from an app, so you google an app development studio tell them all the awesome things you want your app to do and they say, “That sounds great give us a few days to get a quote together for you.” Then…you wait…a little nervous (as you should based on your budget). They’ll disappear for a while, analyze your request, and come up with some numbers.

Then comes the shocker: the price tag.

The average development studio will quote a price somewhere in the range of $50,000 to $150,000 to build a truly custom app. Your response, “Thank you for your time I think we are going to keep looking for a while”. (mean while the little voice inside is SCREAMING “Holy Crap!!!”) Now don’t get me wrong they’re not price gouging, and it will take months of planning, development, and debugging.

Now, you could go this route OR, I could open a second location!

Where do you go from there?


The Cost-Effective Alternative (That would be us)

Okay. Obviously a custom app built from the ground up isn’t the answer for small businesses (Let’s face it your NY style pizza is WAY better than Pizza Hut but you don’t have their marketing budget). So, how are all these owners offering their own apps these days? Are there a lot of pizzeria owners that just happen to be software developers in their spare time?

Of course not! They’re using The Mobile Vine!

Powered by the world’s most popular platform for small businesses to build their own apps (over 100,000 and counting). We create an app for you equipped with dozens of powerful premade functions with a clean, beautiful design specifically branded for your company. Any small business owner can have a customize app in no time. There are no issues, no debugging, and the monthly cost is a tiny, tiny fraction of what it costs to build a custom app.


As a result, apps are now within reach for everyone.

Restaurants can offer mobile ordering to customers. Spas can offer remote reservation scheduling. Bands can create an app for fans to connect, listen to sample tracks, and buy merchandise. And that is just the beginning, the possibilities are as varied as small businesses themselves.

So, what does an app cost? A lot more than you think, and also a lot less. It all depends how you go about it.


*The Mobile Vine does offer Custom App development services but does not recommend this avenue for small businesses. 

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