Salon and Barbershop Marketing for the Digital Age

by The Mobile Vine

Simplify Your Business with Salon Website Design and Mobile App Development

Just like a head of luscious locs, the website for your hair salon or barbershop needs some love, care, and attention. Newsflash: your customers are doing just about everything online; more specifically, they’re doing everything online on their smartphones.

photo credit lukew-flickr

photo credit lukew-flickr

Having a mobile-friendly website or app in today’s cutthroat economy is absolutely essential. If your customers are still searching for your salon online only to come up empty-handed, don’t expect your appointment book to fill up anytime soon.

You can help your salon or barbershop reach new heights by investing in a professionally made mobile website or custom-made app. That’s where the pros at The Mobile Vine come in. Learn more about our salon website design and digital barber shop marketing services.


Reach More Customers with a Slick Mobile App or Mobile-Friendly Website

Everyone’s free time seems to go out the window these days. When your customers look in the mirror and decide that’s it’s time to revamp their look, chances are that they’re going to use their smartphone to find a great salon or barbershop nearby. They simply don’t have the time to navigate a website that isn’t compatible with mobile devices.


You can help your customers and improve your bottom line by taking your salon’s website to the next level. When potential customers swing by your salon’s website, they should be able to find what they’re looking for with just a few clicks, such as what services and styles your salon offers as well as how much these services will cost.


An online booking service will also help your customers and your employees save time and energy. Automatic emails and appointment reminders will improve efficiency in every sense of the word. Imagine not having to pay someone to play phone tag for eight hours a day.


The Complete Salon and Barber Shop Marketing Package

While helping your customers save time and money is one thing, attracting more customers overall is even better. Content marketing services such as blog posts and search engine optimization (SEO) will also help you bring more people to your website and eventually through the door.


We know how important your salon is to you. Take control of your business with our hair salon website design services and sign up for a free quote today!


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