What Is a PWA and Why It’s Important to Have One

What Is a PWA and Why It’s Important to Have One

by The Mobile Vine

Learn About One of the Most Exciting Trends in the World of IT


What’s known as a PWA or progressive web app is the next big trend in IT. It’s thought of as a hybrid between a traditional web page and a mobile app, helping users access their favorite features at record speeds. While only a handful of web pages currently convert to PWAs, this trend will likely upend the way individuals access information and services on the web. As PWAs continue to be the fastest option for users, consumers will start to have higher and higher expectations when it comes to load time and web page performance. Learn more about how PWAs work and why you might want to consider building one.


What Is a PWA?

A progressive web app is just as accessible and easy to load as a static web page, but with all the functionality of a mobile application. Users can get the latest info and interact with a range of features and services. Unlike a traditional web page or mobile app that has to load on the network, PWAs load instantaneously even when the user’s internet connection is spotty at best. Pull back the curtain and you’ll find a service worker, a script that runs independently from the web page code. The service worker will update the background content, send push notifications, and cache some of the PWA’s biggest chunks of data, so users can log on in a matter of nanoseconds after their first visit to the site.


PWAs can also load right from the user’s home screen. When the user clicks on a PWA-enabled website, they’ll be greeted with a message that says, “Add to Home Screen.” If the user tends to visit this website frequently, they can add it to their home screen to get fast access to content, even when the network is giving them trouble.


What Are PWAs So Important?

With users getting increasingly picky about how long it takes a web page to load, PWAs are quickly becoming the hottest game in town for web developers. By creating a hybrid of their website and a mobile application, some of the most progressive companies are zooming past the competition. This is giving some more technologically sophisticated companies an edge in the marketplace. If a user with unreliable access to the network knows that they can access content on one website with relatively zero delays, why would they bother clicking on one of their competitors?


Speed is the name of the game when it comes to SEO, increasing conversions, and creating a memorable user experience. If your company wants to get a leg up on the competition, you might want to start thinking about building a PWA sooner rather than later.


Learn more about what a PWA can do for your business and contact the web design professionals at The Mobile Vine today to get a free quote. We’ll help you put your business in the fast lane!

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