Prepping Your Website for the Holidays

Prepping Your Website for the Holidays

by The Mobile Vine

Ecommerce Holiday Website Marketing Tips to Maximize Profit


The holidays are right around the corner and that means that it’s time to get your ecommerce website ready for the seasonal rush. Regardless of what you’re selling online, you need to make a few critical upgrades if you’re going to compete with some of the largest online retailers in the world like Amazon and well-known department stores. The good news is that you have a variety of tools at your disposal when it comes to advertising your products online and optimizing your website. Boost your sales this holiday season with our must-try holiday ecommerce tips for small business owners.


Go Mobile

It goes without saying that having a mobile-friendly website is an absolute must when you’re trying to sell to consumers online. Mobile web browsing has exploded over the past couple years. According to the latest numbers from, by the end of 2016 36% of all online ecommerce sales in the U.S. occurred on mobile devices. With mobile browsing on the rise, you can’t afford to neglect mobile users if you want to make a sizeable impact on the market this holiday season.


Use Email Marketing to Announce Sales

Email marketing can be an extremely effective tool especially around the holidays. Chances are that you’ve made a few upgrades to your website including new seasonal products or holiday special discounts. If that’s the case, send your loyal customers a holiday email reminding them to check out your website.


Take Advantage of Instagram’s New Shoppable Posts

Instagram has just announced a new feature that allows ecommerce retailers to integrate their online store with what are being called “shoppable posts.” Users will see that the item featured in the post is for sale. If they’re so inclined, they can click on the post and they’ll be automatically rerouted to the store’s ecommerce platform. Instagram shoppable posts are currently in the testing phase, but you can still sign up to see if you’re eligible.


Setup a Facebook Shop

You can also transfer your ecommerce store to Facebook using a new feature known as “Facebook Store.” Setting up a Facebook store only takes a few minutes, and you can attract new users to your store using targeted Facebook ads. You can target users by age, location, and their perceived interests online.


Simplify Your Checkout Process

A lengthy checkout process is one of the best things you can do to alienate users online. Every added step gives your users one more chance to back out of the transaction at the last minute. Try to simplify your check-out process as much as possible by saving your users’ credit card information, asking users to login as soon as they land on your homepage, or by compiling all the user’s information into one page/step. As soon as they hit “buy”, the transaction is complete.


Install a Wishlist Feature

Consumers love to peruse products online, even if they’re not entirely dead-set on buying everything they come across. You can tempt your users by adding a wish-list feature. This makes it easy for your customers to keep a running tally of everything they’d like to buy. Adding a share feature lets your users send their relatives or loved ones their online wish-list, simplifying the gift-giving process for everyone.


Follow-up with People Who Add to Cart

Cart abandonment happens to everyone, but instead of letting your customers fall by the wayside, you can add an automatic follow-up feature that sends them a reminder to complete their purchase. Even if it doesn’t work for everyone, you can turn a few more abandoned carts into actual revenue.


Get ready for the holiday rush with a new mobile website and other useful features from The Mobile Vine. Make it your best holiday season yet and contact us for a quote today!

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