How Mobile Commerce Will Profit This Holiday Season

by The Mobile Vine

Because mobile technology has advanced significantly, people who have smartphones are essentially able to forego the use of a physical payment option in store. Instead, mobile commerce options have made groundbreaking progress. This means that rather than carrying cash or a credit card on them and shopping in store, they can use their phone to buy and pay for items. Because of this, optimizing your mobile presence is essential, especially during the holiday season. During the upcoming holiday season alone, mobile commerce is expected to surpass $600 billion in sales. This means if your company isn’t already equipped for mobile sales, it’s best to get on board fast. Below are a few reasons as to why you need to ensure your app is ready to handle all holiday sales.


  1. Mobile Sales Accounted for Nearly 28% of Total Online Sales During Black Friday


Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, is a great time to have your app equipped for mobile commerce. People who have busy lives don’t necessarily want to spend time in store and rather opt to purchase gifts on their mobile device. Instead of risking visiting a store where the product is already sold out, buying online can save time and ensure the customer has a better experience with your company.


  1. Almost 75% of Shoppers Search Online for Holiday Gift Ideas


Many people dread holiday shopping because they have to think about what to get for every loved one in the family. This can be stressful, especially when bombarded by products in store. Instead, having a mobile commerce option available helps people find their gifts and buy them ahead of time! This is especially true on Cyber Monday.


  1. November and December See 30% More Online Sales Than Any Other Month


The holiday season, which begins in November and ends in December, dominates businesses that utilize mobile commerce. In these two months alone, businesses tend to experience 30 percent more sales using their website or mobile app than in other months. If your app isn’t set up in time, you’re likely missing out on some big opportunities for profit.


Setting up mobile commerce on your website or application is essential for a great business strategy during the holidays. Instead of giving opportunity and potential customers to the competition, finalize your mobile commerce strategy by ensuring your app is ready to handle a constant stream of holiday sales! Contact us if you are not ready for the Holiday Mobile Commerce season.



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