How do I set up the Email Form Tab?

by The Mobile Vine

Our “How To” Blog Series helps our customers easily manage their mobile apps from their dashboard with step by step instructions on adding new tabs, editing current tabs. If you want a general intro to our dashboard watch the video at the bottom of this post.

1. Go to step 1 and add an “Email Form Tab” into your app.


2. Then move to step 2 to customize your “Email Form Tab”.

3. First thing is to click “Add New Custom Form”.

Capture (1)

4. Once you click add custom form you’ll be able to begin to add fields to your email form.

Click “Add a Field” at the top to get started.

Capture (2)

5. You can then start adding fields like name, phone number, email, and more.

Capture (3)

6. After your happy with your input fields head over to “Form Properties”.

Here’s you’re able to give your form a title and set where the form is sent to — most likely the business owner’s email. Then when you’re done, hit save and exit.

Capture (4)

7. If you want to customize the form’s appearance click “Design” after saving your forms fields.


8. From here you’re able to customize every pixel inside your email form.

Capture (6)

9. The last step is viewing the form inside your app!


And remember you can always go back and edit your form at any time




How do you view the email form tab analytics?

1. Once you create an email form tab — click “Stat” next to the form options.


2. You can view how many users have submitted forms — great for measuring return on investment!

Capture (8)


Intro to Client Apps Dashboard


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