Google’s Mobile-First Index Is Coming and What That Means for You

Google’s Mobile-First Index Is Coming and What That Means for You

by The Mobile Vine

Why It’s So Important to Have a Mobile-Ready Website in 2018


Have you heard the news? Google’s mobile-first index is expecting to make its big debut sometime in 2018. We saw some of the beginning stages back in 2017 when Google started using a mobile-first index to rank a few high-profile sites. Apparently, Google is getting a handle on the process and wants every search to start using the mobile-first index. So, what does all this mean for you and your company’s website? Go mobile or go home.


What Is the Mobile-First Index?


Google’s mobile-first index means that the company’s search platform will start ranking websites using the mobile versions of their content. Mobile web pages tend to have less content than desktop pages because they’re designed for users on the go, i.e. people that don’t have a lot of time or screen space to digest large sections of text.


So, instead of finding a relevant desktop webpage that’s full of info and content, Google will rank mobile-ready websites with less content at the top. Users will still see the desktop web page if they’re browsing the web on a desktop, but Google’s algorithm will adjust the search results to cater to users using a smartphone or another mobile device.


This means that having a mobile-friendly website is absolutely crucial in 2018. Google simply doesn’t want to direct its users to hefty desktop pages that mobile users can’t access. This also means that business owners and digital publishers need to invest in relevant, SEO-optimized mobile content, not just desktop content. Again, Google will start sorting through the mobile data to determine which websites have the most accurate information.


The Growing Trend of Mobile Browsing


Catering to mobile users isn’t a new trend in the tech industry. Ever since the industry underwent what was deemed “Mobile-geddon” back in April of 2015, more websites and companies have been focusing their resources on mobile development. According to comScore, people consume 69% of their media on a smartphone. And Marketing Land tells us that mobile advertising is expected to represent 72% of all digital ad spending by 2019.


It’s clear that the internet and the companies it hosts are starting to shirt their focus to mobile users. Don’t get left behind. As a business owner, you can’t afford to get lost in the shuffle as more websites become mobile-friendly. Creating a mobile-friendly website isn’t that hard if you have a professional web design company on your side.


Get ready for Google’s mobile-first index and contact the professionals at The Mobile Vine today!


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