Good Food isn’t enough, Restaurants need mobile marketing.

by The Mobile Vine

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When asking restaurant owners what sets them apart from their competition, most will remark with emphatic pride “We have the best burgers in town!” But the truth is without successful marketing to your customers; you will be making the best burgers in town for your family barbecue.

You might think the success of your restaurant is decided in the kitchen, but the Internet’s role in a restaurant’s success has grown steadily since it was first launched. Now, the vast majority of customers find restaurants after an Internet search. In fact, according to Google, on Valentine’s Day in the US 62% of total searches for popular national restaurant chains happened on a high-end mobile device or tablet.


With mobile web searches so popular, it’s become essential that businesses, including restaurants, have a successful mobile marketing solution and this is what The Mobile Vine provides.


The Mobile Vine creates a beginning to end mobile experience for your customers. Your website brings your customers to you. Your mobile app brings them back.

We build websites & apps that show off that “best burger in town” and make it simple for your visitors to tell everyone on their social network about it with one easy click.

You only get one first impression. Visitors on their mobile devices should not find a site hard to view, difficult to navigate, and ultimately, unpleasant. They should find easy mobile ordering, exclusive mobile deals, and a pleasant experience that starts long before they ever get a bite from your kitchen.


How do you know you need us?

  • Step 1: Go to your website on your phone

    • Do you have to zoom to read the words?
    • If you click your phone number does nothing happen?
    • Does it take you longer than 30 seconds to find your menu?
    • Is your logo so tiny it looks like an ink blot?
  • Step 2: If the answer to any of the above question is YES; Call us 678-753-4823 or Email Us 


Mention this blog and get a FREE no-obligation app demo

to show you which of our 45+ powerful features we believe will best work to increase orders, visits, customer loyalty and ultimately revenue.


How are you using mobile marketing?


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