Get A Grip On Your Website Traffic Using Google Analytics

by The Mobile Vine

When you’re running an online business using a website or a mobile app, it pays to know what your visitors are doing when they visit. Failure to do so could result in a poor user experience, or worse yet, result in missed sales opportunities!

Track Your Traffic And Gain Valuable Insights Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers business owners and digital marketers comprehensive insights into what their visitors are doing when they land on their website. For most business owners, this information is critical for increasing conversions and engagements at their digital storefronts.

By gaining a better understanding of the visitors to your site, website owners can extend their content marketing strategy using long tail keywords, or A/B test Landing Pages. By A/B Testing, site owners can set a conversion goal such as signing up for an Email Newsletter, Reserving a spot at an upcoming webinar, or submitting their details to access a White Paper. Google Analytics helps business owners become better at constructing a responsive and lucrative web presence.

Get To Know Your Visitors


Another advantage of utilizing Google Analytics to track your website activity is that you get detailed demographics on the people who visit your site. Google Analytics tracks multiple facets of the traffic to your site including the gender of visitors, their age, their interests, the Browser and Operating System they use, and even the pages they visit!

Other helpful data that Analytics tracks include where website traffic is coming from including referrals from other domains, Social traffic from sources such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, and the number of people who come to your site as a Direct Visitor by typing in your URL or using a bookmark.


Tweak Your Traffic And Meet Your Sales Goals


Another tremendous benefit of using Google Analytics to gather information about your site is that you can set ‘goals’ to measure how well your app or site is doing at fulfilling set target objectives. The program is flexible, allowing users to establish individual Goals for distinct behaviors like registering online and sending them to the next page in the series that thanks them for their interest or lets them know that their download is available. By setting up multiple “Goals,” you can accurately track completion rates and conversions for each goal you’ve established. When you specify a monetary value for every Goal, you get a very precise value of what your conversions are.


If you’re struggling to get an understanding of precisely what is happening when people visit your website, blog, or app and you’re not running Google Analytics, now is the perfect time to integrate this program into the tapestry of your site. In today’s digital age, knowledge is power and knowing how well your site or app is performing is critical to making improvements and changes that increase conversion rates and sales.


If you need help with installing Google Analytics on your site, blog, or mobile app, Contact the experts at Mobile Vine today! Our team is happy to help you install and monitor your site for improved results across the board!


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