Five Tips for Mobile-Friendly Content

by The Mobile Vine

Well if you haven’t yet noticed what we affectionately call the “mobile zombie walk” then look around today and realize the average American checks their phone over 150 times a day. And you can bet your britches 90% of that is not a phone call. It’s the *ping* your iphone makes when someone tags you in a photo on Facebook, the not so silent ::vibration:: the Galaxy made when your friend re-pinned that DIY pin on Pinterest among countless other notification and the hundred of text messages sent every day, that keep our eyes and fingers busy.


Well that means I’m good…right?

Not exactly. Just because people are spend hours a day consuming information with their mobile devices doesn’t mean they are getting fat on your content. Allow me to introduce you to your new mobile customer. We’ll call him Johnny. Johnny has a different set of expectations now that he has his iPad mini in one hand an smart phone strapped to his arm for his daily run (which of course automatically updates all his Facebook friends when he is finished). He is expecting you to conform to his world and that world lives on much smaller screens and moves A LOT faster.

Cisco reports that this year there will be more Internet-connected mobile devices than PEOPLE on the planet! That means your content better be mobile ready if you expect to live up to Johnny’s expectations.


How do I know if my content is “Mobile-Ready”?

Here are a few quick tips that will help.


  1. Responsive Websites
    When you are building website require that it be a responsive website. That means your website will be smart enough to know the size of Johnny’s screen and then conform all your content and images to best fit that screen. Many times this process can also be coded into your existing site without having to rebuild it from scratch. Here’s a great example:
  2. Mobile Websites
    Already have a website and don’t plan to redesign it any time soon. No worries! Build a mobile website. Mobile sites look a lot like your desktop website but it is configured and coded just for mobile devices and will activate when your site is accessed by a phone.
  3. Short, Sweet & Social
    Consider your images and your text. Make sure images are not too large (face it no one wants to wait for your image to load no matter how incredible the photo). As for text keep it short and to the point YET engaging. Johnny will read anything if you make it interesting to him.
  4. Mobile Social Content
    #didyouknow Over 50% of Facebook users access the network from their mobile device. To capture this audience remember these 4 things.

(1)  Johnny is multi-tasking so make it visual. Posts that feature photos drive more engagement than text heavy ones

(2)  Johnny LOVES his phone so let him put that 15 megapixel camera to good use. Create incentives for users to upload and share their photos with your brand.

(3)  Use mobile-ready campaigns to make Sure Johnny can participate in your awesome campaign from his phone. Try implementing mobile friendly Facebook apps on your brand page that make it easy to view and scroll. Ask if your app allows “mobile fan-gating.”

(4)  There is more to social media than Facebook. Let Johnny tweet, pin hashtag, instagram, vine and ultimately share everything he loves about your brand. Use multiple social networks so you have multiple opportunities to be more than one of those 150 times he looks at his phone.


Last and maybe the most important

5. Speed
Remember…Johnny is multi-tasking so he needs to get it and get it quick. Limit the number of steps to his goal no matter what it is. If his network is slow or Wi-Fi unavailable remember he has to wait for each page to load before he moves on so make every click count. Strive to make 1-2 (3 if it’s really important) clicks get you anywhere on your site. In your social media campaigns think 60 second or less.


Face it Johnny’s at work, while ordering his lunch on another app and ROFLOL inside at a joke his brother just posted. You only have his attention for a few short moments. Make them count.


Do you have any other mobile content tips or success stories? Comment below, we’d love to hear about it.




Statistic Sources: Katy Huberty, Ehud Gelblum Morgan Stanley Research | Compuware “What Users Want From Mobile.”

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