Don’t Let A Poorly Designed Website Cost You Business!

Don’t Let A Poorly Designed Website Cost You Business!

by The Mobile Vine


If you’re serious about launching a successful E-Commerce website, it’s easy to get excited and want to launch your site as soon as possible. However, in your rush to get your site online it’s important that you don’t take shortcuts that can have lasting effects on the usability and reputation of your site.

You Only Get One Chance To Make A Favorable First Impression

A recent study conducted by found that a website that is poorly designed or looks outdated is less likely to have conversions (sales) than a professionally designed website appears more trustworthy. Like most things in life, you only have one moment to make a good impression!

How A Poorly Designed Site Impacts Your Business

There is is no doubt that today’s modern web surfer are more discerning than ever before when making online purchase decisions. The survey conducted by Vistaprint discovered that 42% of online shoppers said they are ‘very unlikely’ to buy products or services from a vendor with an amateurish website. The way your site looks speaks volumes, so everything you can do to build trust and credibility with visitors who aren’t familiar with your business is critical.

Tips For Building Trust And Credibility

Professional Images or Video – When a visitor gets to your site, the more polished your website looks, the better. Only use high-quality images, photographs, and videos to showcase your products. Make sure that pictures of your products are properly lit to complement them and make them more ‘saleable.’ Since people want to see as many details as possible, make sure that you take pictures from multiple angles.

Clean Product Descriptions – Your product description is the next best selling point after your product images. When writing descriptions, be as clean and concise as possible. By giving complete descriptions, your customers will be able to buy with more confidence that they’re buying what they want or need.

Policy Page(s) – Making a Policy Page available to visitors and customers helps avert confusion later. Make sure that your policy page(s) include Return and Refund Policies, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policies.

Responsive Design Optimized For Performance – If you want to appeal to the broadest audience, you’ll want to be sure that it resolves (and looks awesome) on all devices, regardless of whether it’s a big screen television or a Smartphone. It should be easy for visitors to navigate and allow them to find what they’re looking for quickly. By optimizing your site for performance and speed, you’re taking steps to assure a favorable user experience.

A Secure Connection – A secure website protected by TLS (Transport Layer Security) is one of the most basic trust-building signals that a vendor can implement on their site. TLS provides a secure, encrypted connection throughout the visitor’s browsing session. If you process payments or collect other personal data from website visitors, TLS safeguards this information from unauthorized access and collection while in transport.

If you need professional help with an E-Commerce website or accompanying mobile app, call the pros at The Mobile Vine a call to discuss your project. Our experienced team is standing by to assist!

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