Does Your Non-Profit Need a Mobile App?

Does Your Non-Profit Need a Mobile App?

by The Mobile Vine

The Benefits of Mobile Apps for Non-Profits


In today’s cluttered digital landscape, a new app seems to pop up every five minutes. Mobile apps can be great for all kinds of businesses, but mainly for those that provide specific services to their customers. If you own a non-profit, you might be wondering if you should toss your hat into the mobile app ring. But before you invest in a new app, you need to make sure that it is the right choice based on the nature of your non-profit. Learn more about mobile apps for non-profits and the services they provide.


Choosing a Mobile App Vs. a Mobile Website


If you want your clients or users to be able to simply access your non-profit’s website on their mobile devices, you’re better off with a mobile-friendly website, not a mobile app. Having a mobile-friendly website means taking your website’s existing content and reformatting it for a smaller screen. On the other hand, a mobile app provides your customers with specific services such as news alerts and updates, financial transactions, instant messaging, photo and video sharing, and many others. If your clients interact with your non-profit daily, a mobile app is probably the best choice for your organization.


What Will Your Mobile App Accomplish?


Before you design or commission a mobile app for your non-profit, you need to make a list of the services that the app will provide. Most non-profits accept donations, so including some kind of payment service is a great place to start. Some non-profit organizations are responsible for educating the public and responding to crises. In that case, you can send your users push notifications to alert them of what’s happening in real-time such as changes in public policy, updates from your non-profit, weather alerts, travel warnings, or anything else that might be relevant to your users. You can also setup a chat service so that your team and clients can easily and securely communicate with one another.


For more information on mobile apps for non-profits, you can contact the professionals at The Mobile Vine. Talk to an expert today to find out whether your non-profit would be better off with a mobile app.

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